Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Moving On" is All That Matters

Looking around I see hopes, of a new beginning.
Doomed they might be, nothing can shake them from moving on.
They sit in a corner, lonely, craving for times to come:
rain in the midst of summer, a tunnel out of the dark, a little more strength, a little more love,
and a little more sugar in the Coffee!
And while they believe all is possible,
though, with a little fear, they choose to Move On.

Over fear they choose to, rather, follow their desires.
“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”, they say, pronouncing hopes.
Overcoming despair, battling situations, fighting limitations, they take up life’s challenges.
They walk out in the open, bravely, to their surprise they see;
rain on a sunny day, bright daylight, confident people, love being shared,
and they add a little more sugar in the Coffee.
And while they believed in possibilities,
though, with a little more desire and effort, they chose to Move On.

Add a little more sugar in life to taste happiness,
or sip the coffee sugarless and be thankful,
at least, for your life isn't that bitter.
Rip off ill thoughts, embrace the present, do things differently, choose a definite goal, dream big, bargain with life for it would willingly pay your worth.
Face what you must with head erect, steps empowered, mind focused, and heart sincere.

Yet, if life feels like a minor struggle, just remember that your perseverance will pay off.

So, Move On ; it's All That really Matters!

This post is written as a part of 'All that Matters' contest at BlogAdda.com in association with INK Talks 2013.